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Providing Trusted Cleaners 

2Sisters was started by Antionette Pacheco and Rotiesha Nelson. We always wanted to start a business. Helping people is what we really love to do. Having 10 years combine experience in cleaning, we thought that a cleaning business would be a simple way to help people. "Something that seems so small, but yet so important". We came up with the name 2Sisters because every since we were 12 years old we called ourselves God-sisters. It was no one other than God that brought us together. We were a blessing to one another and wanted to bless others with our gifts, so the name 2Sisters Cleaning  Services was fitting. The slogan "Clean the space, Clear the Mind" was made because we understood how important it was with all the things going on that if we cleaned the space we occupied, we could think and do things with a clearer mind.

Our Mission

That is why this work is so important to us because not only do we want to clean the spaces, we hope that the job we do helps to ease the Mind.

Why Choose Us

Trusted &

Trained Cleaners

24-Hour Satisfaction Guarantee

Equipment/Supplies             Provided

Licensed & Insured

No Contracts